Low Life
Barrel House

Laying the Groundwork for a Crafty New Entry

Dipping deep into research to create a new brand strategy for Low Life Barrel House

The Story

The beer industry is daunting to enter as a new business, the craft beer industry even more so. So what happens when a seasoned brewery wants to travel down a more refined avenue of craft beer (one not travelled by many brewers), yet, still make it attractive and alluring to those apprehensive? Well, they give Brandish a call.

The Problem

Low Life Barrel House is a growing brand born out of its sister brand, Barn Hammer Brewery, but one that focuses on beer made in foeders and with Brettanomyces, which are unlike anything in Winnipeg and rare in Canada. To continue to fuel growth, Low Life needed a new brand strategy that could continue to highlight their one-in-a-kind foeder-aged beer, but also allow for growth into mass-marketable beers and a suite of organic wines.

Our Insights

People and consumers are savvy beasts, and they keep on getting savvier. Supporting brands that align with their values is important, and social media is becoming a primary method for information gathering and interacting with an organization. Combined with the reality that a healthier lifestyle goes beyond just ingredients, but includes processes, impact and sustainability, consumers are interested in a more holistic way of living. This has supported the diversifying of consumers’ alcoholic preferences, as they shift to being more selective in their choices, with popularity in categories like craft beer, organic wines, low or non-ABV and seltzer beverages rising fast.

Our Solution

Armed with situational context and insights, we built out a multi-pronged strategy that encouraged Low Life to lean into experimentation as a core brand pillar and differentiator. By being fearless in its experimentation, consumers will recognize Low Life as a brand that doesn’t fall victim to the tropes of the craft beer industry and can grow its audience. By marking each product line with a clear and distinct brand strategy, Low Life will be positioned to maintain an overall brand strategy based on exploration while also being able to remain competitive with other brands.

Consumers also expect a refined taproom experience — by investing in educational and taproom experiences, such as live music and entertainment, people will want to be brought into the brand without intimidation or alienation. Further investing in influencer marketing and brand ambassador programs will help expand Low Life’s digital and physical reach through merchandise and personal relationships.

The Impact

By the end of our time with Low Life Barrel House, we had crafted a new brand strategy that included in-depth research on their products and their industry. With specific creative recommendations, Low Life is now well-positioned to be able to connect with its audience and have a successful launch party for its upcoming taproom, ultimately crafting a one-of-a-kind experience for a one-of-a-kind product.

Credits: Brand Identity/Design — Adam Globa, Photography — Kiandra Jeffrey

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