International Confederation of Midwives

PUSHing Midwivery and Safer Births to the Forefront

Capturing the power of midwifery in a new campaign visual identity system and landing page

The Story

Welcoming a new child into the world is often a parent’s most important day in their life — but what happens if there aren’t enough healthcare workers to ensure safe delivery for every parent and child? For many around the world, this is a real concern. If there was universal coverage of midwife-delivered interventions, 4.3 million lives could be saved by 2035 and the global maternal mortality ratio would be reduced to less than 70 per 100,000 live births by 2030. By partnering with the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) and their charity With Women, Brandish helped ICM “Push” for more midwives, and safer births for all.

The Problem

Midwifery has been siloed and marginalized in global health and gender discussions, leading to underfunding and vastly insufficient numbers of midwives to meet global needs. Linked to harmful gender stereotypes, midwives are often underrepresented in the health workforce and excluded from leadership roles. With a shortage of 900,000 midwives globally, ICM & With Women needed to outline the essential role that midwives play and establish consistent funding across a range of bilateral, multilateral, domestic and private sector sources.

Our Insights

As ICM had already provided Brandish with the campaign concept “Push With Women,” Brandish focused on the campaign’s audience, and what would be the best visual identity system to capture a wide range of traditional and corporate donors, NGOs, government health ministries and maternal and newborn health organizations across eight priority countries.

Our Solution

After highlighting our target audiences and reviewing our objectives, we began crafting the campaign’s visual identity. A natural and earthy-inspired palette was selected for the Push campaign, as the tones are influenced by elements in the real world. Additionally, mixing feminine and masculine colours kept the brand neutral without gender bias. Along with the creation of a landing page, Brandish helped launch the decade-long “Push” for safer births and a healthier world.

The Impact

After leveraging the provided “Push” campaign concept, Brandish created a visual campaign concept for ICM for their “Push With Women” campaign, which included a new primary and secondary logo, a font and colour suite, and a two-page landing page. This visual campaign concept is eye-catching while also emphasizing the message in a way that is both engaging and familiar to its target audience.

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