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Unmasking Your Best Form, with Form

Creating a new name and visual identity system for NKD Ambitions

The Story

Social stigmas often take a while to crack, and the negative perceptions around plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures often feel as strong as cement.

Rather than receding behind this cultural stigma, NKD Ambitions wanted to advocate for medical aesthetics and demonstrate how their brand could lead a conversation about normalizing procedures. After all, in a society where braces are widely accepted and understood as one becoming their best self, why can’t other medical aesthetic procedures receive the braces treatment?

The Problem

As NKD Ambitions looked to launch their organization in 2019, they were hoping to pair a brand update with a redefining of the medical aesthetics category in Canada.

Separating their clinic from the negative impressions of plastic surgery was essential, and attracting new audiences would help them hit the ground running. Brandish was more than happy to partner with NKD Ambitions and help them become their best self, just like how NKD Ambitions helps their clients every day.

Our Insights

While in recent years the medical aesthetics industry has grown (especially among men, the 2SLGBTQ+ and Millennial women), many still have questions and concerns. Prospective clients often cited high price points, confusion over procedure processes and outcomes and concerns over levels of “shame” that came attached to treatments.

The new NKD Ambitions brand would have to lead the conversation in normalizing medical aesthetic procedures, create an inclusive environment for all audiences by being a thought and experiential leader, and clearly define its procedures and services.

Our Solution

The medical aesthetics category needed a makeover — it needed to divorce the category from plastic surgery’s negative perception and align it with a movement people are connecting with — self-care. Humans have made aesthetic statements and adjustments for thousands of years. Through fashion, tattoos, makeup, etc., societies across all cultures have exercised altering their physical traits to make a statement.

Investing in aesthetic and sexual health can improve your quality of life — it’s self-care. Our new brand supports self-advocacy and provides an environment for exploration, and choice, allowing  our clients to feel more like themselves.

To signify a new approach and brand, we set out to rename NKD Ambitions. The new brand name is Form. Form speaks to the nature of humanity and the potential for change and transformation. Changing and adapting—changing form.

The Impact

Form successfully launched its new brand and officially opened its doors to new clients. Now, Form was empowered to approach the market in a meaningful way.

With the new brand strategy and design system, Form had an approach to reach new audiences and a guide for creating content to reach future clients. Form was now ready to bring new clients along the journey of self-care, and help them evolve into their best form.

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