The season of closeness

By Brandish Agency

Happy holidays! 

You’ve probably had every business on your feed sharing this phrase accompanied with “the holidays look a bit different this year but…” And, they’re not wrong. It’s become obligatory for businesses to wish everyone happy holidays on their social channels.

At Brandish, we examine these actions because when everyone starts doing something it starts to feel less and less about the people and more about just doing it for the sake of, well, doing it. 

So, here are the facts—It’s the season of closeness. 

This year we’re definitely farther apart, physically, but metaphorically, we’ve come closer together. Every year, the holiday season offers a time to reflect on the year, our relationships, what we accomplished and what we want to work on for the next.

When we reflected on our year, we thought about you and wanted to share our gratitude for you. Thank you for connecting with us and honestly, we did want to wish you a happy holiday season! 

We made it to the end of 2020. 

It was a wild, unprecedented and unpredictable year. We learned a lot about ourselves, our world and you, the people. We connected with you directly (hey, you!) and through our partners. For us, every interaction is a way to learn more about you and work toward building better brand experiences for all people. 

The ability to connect through uncertainty deserves celebration. We continue to find new ways to build relationships and share our lives with one another. Thanks for sharing this year with us and we’re looking forward to next year!

And, thanks to our partners. Their trust in our relationship and ability to adapt is unparalleled. We’re looking forward to what we build together in 2021.

To wrap it up, we wish you all the feelings of closeness this holiday season, even if that means we’re celebrating farther apart than usual. All the best from us, Brandish.

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