A Total Strategy

By Brandish Agency

Brand is your number one differentiator.

And, it’s your best defence against commodification. A great business plan is not going to set you apart from your competitors and it definitely won’t provide you the roadmap to being the leader in your industry. 

It’s more important than ever for businesses to build their brand. Whether you actively engage in building your brand or not, your audience is building their perception of your business from your marketing, experiences, content, product, sales people and the list goes on. Every interaction people have with your business is informing their perception of your business and ultimately, your brand.

This is your choice: Actively build your brand and use it to better connect with your audience in order to make informed business decisions or ignore your audience’s needs and motivations and hope that your business succeeds. You can depend on facts or you can depend on luck. 

At Brandish, we treat brand strategy and business strategy as inherently linked and mutually dependent on one another. Our work starts by aligning business and brand strategy.

Let’s define what we mean by business and brand strategy:

Brand Strategy:

Brand strategy outlines how you can connect with your audience in a meaningful way. Our goal here is to understand the opportunity to redefine the category and then determine your position and value proposition.

Business Strategy:

This is how you structure your business and address the market. 

A Total Strategy:

Our working starts by fusing brand and business strategy to create a Total Strategy and that’s why we’re calling ourselves a Consulting Agency.

Brandish – A new kind of agency

A consulting agency combines both the consultancy model with the agency model. At Brandish, we decided to break and restructure almost every standard agency practice. That’s why we’ve taken an approach that combines both models. 

Our process starts by developing an in-depth recommendation for your business based on research and insights about your audience. But unlike a consultancy, we shift to an agency model to execute our recommendations and then report on our tactics. We adapt our strategies based on our reporting so we can continue to make informed decisions for your business. 

To find out more about our process, head over to our Services Page. Here we’ll walk you through the interaction between business and brand strategy and how we set up your business for unlimited growth.

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